Mitsuaki MYOJO
Hometown Kyoto
Language Japanese, English
Visited Countries U. S., Costa Rica, China, South Korea, Mogolia, Indonesea, Thailand
I like reading, exercise, cooking, making cocktail
Favorite place in Kyoto *Murinan: There is a beautiful garden which was designed by a famous garder "Ogawa Jihei". Quiet and calm.
*Ooishi Shrine: In Yamashina area. You can see magnificent cherry blossoms in spring and a cute pony.
Message You can feel and touch the atmosphere of "Kyoto" at Q-beh. It is also convenient to hang around for famous sightseeing places. We are looking forward to seeing you!!
Natsuki NAGAI
Hometown Singapore
Language Japanese, English, a little bit of reading Hangul
Visited Countries New Zealand, Australia, Thailand, Malaysia and South Korea
I like dancing, watching movies (not horror), listening to Kpop, green colour and dogs (big and fluffy one).
Favorite place in Kyoto *Byodoin Ho-o-do: Do you have coins inside your pocket? Are there any 10 yen coins? This shrine is pictured on the 10 yen coins. I like the small dancing Buddha which you can find inside the shrine is my most favourite thing there. It's so cute and adorable.
*Kamogawa (Kamo River): Just sitting by the river alone and listening to music or talking with your friends at lunch time makes you relax. BUT!! Be careful of the kites (kind of birds)! They are looking for the sandwich in your hand.
Message It's really touristic place here but it makes me feel like I'm in my hometown Singapore. People from all over the world, many kind of language… It's really comfortable for me. Let's enjoy not only the temples or shrines but people visiting to Kyoto and have some conversation with them. Your trip will be more nice and wonderful. Of course, talk to ME anytime! Always welcome to have short/long conversation!
Hometown Shiga
Language Japanese, English
Visited Countries U.S., Mexico, Malaysia, Singapore, China, Australia
I like listening to music, cooking, going for a walk.
Favorite place in Kyoto *Kyoto Botanical Gardens: You can enjoy watching plants. Children can run and play around. All family members can enjoy this place together! In the season of cherry blossoms, “Nakaragi no michi” cherry blossoms tunnel is fantastic. You can enjoy cherry blossoms and Kamogawa river at the same time.
*Yasaka shrine: “Minamiromon” which is the main gate of Yasaka shrine is gorgeous and wonderful. “Yakuyoke Zenzai” which is the sweet azuki soup you eat to get rid of evil spirits is my recommendation.
Message Please make Q-beh your home and enjoy Kyoto.